Another Spring has Sprung

Jasmine Buds

There is no mistaking that Spring has come . Buds and blossoms, birds and bees are  in abundance.The air is sweetly perfumed .

Bee on red pompom flower
Busy Bee

The hum of bees is evident as soon as you step outdoors, so much so the air seems to be vibrating.

Branch of magenta bouganvillea

The garden is in full bloom.

The workroom  has also been in creative mode.  Spring has had an impact . Little mushroom homes for mice are on the agenda this week and they all have needed bright,lush garden borders .Small woodland creatures have also appeared from felt and wool roving .

However, the computer is still being grumpy and will not accept new photos so I must leave these images to your imagination, or perhaps  a browse on some older posts.





Every so often my computer will not allow me to add photos, as is the case presently, and very frustrating . The gremlins seem to be busy this month and I am trying to negotiate with them , even thinking I might be able to scan something only to find the printer has also succumbed. Grr.

However searching files that are available revealed a pirate to share. He began like this

on the way

However a little more research made it very clear that pirates were not nice at all. There has been a lot of touching up and romanticising about them.They were thieves and murderers, women and men who preyed,at times under the protection and orders of rulers and governments. My pirate changed.

Felt hand stitched pirate character that evolved
He grew up to be a real pirate

Rock Pool

Closeup of a rock pool nature mat that incorporates needleft rocks,real shells and embroidered details such as seaweed,starfish and a fish skeleton..
Sea treasures

Once again the allure of the sea has inspired a nature mat.This was a work in progress as the weather changed and wild seas battered the coast.This mat depicts a more serene aspect of the sea, a calm rock pool that invites imaginative play and story telling.

After the wildness of the weekend  a rosy sunset glowed on a sea that was tame again.

Sunset at Burleigh Beach,Queensland
Sunset at Burleigh Beach,Queensland


It seems to have become more difficult to post, because of fearing to be repetitious and boring. After a while even new projects seem to take on a similarity, although I can see, sometimes, an improvement or a new way of presenting a former theme.

Two friends

Here are some newly created characters, miniature needle felted rabbits. They bring back to mind visiting one of  Beatrix Potter’s homes “Hilltop” at Sawry in the Lakes District of England. Much to my delight  we saw two rabbits ,pictured below,frolicking in a field.

Two rabbits frolicking in the field at Beatrix Potter's first farm ,Lakes District .U.K
Spring ,Beatrix Potters Farm.

In the main wild rabbits are considered to be a major pest. Here in Australia they were introduced and have multiplied too well endangering native species ( this introduction being a consequence of ignorance and  folly of man, not the fault of the rabbit).

As a pet or subject in art or literature  rabbits become endearing.  In the whole scheme of nature  they have a purpose and a reason, for everything is connected and relevant.Sadly the interconnection of all things has been forgotten and abused . The balance of nature is now much compromised and too many creatures,including humans, face extinction.

Group of rabbits that are miniature in size, 1-2cm. The techniques used to create them was dry or needlefelting. They are a continuation of exploring woodland creatures as a theme.
 More Bunnies

As happens with rabbits, these little characters are multiplying too! The only danger they represent is a pull at the heartstrings.

Welcome your Dreams


Another view of tiny felt mushroom house.


Have you wondered, too, what it might be like to live in a little house like this?

As a piece of felt becomes a little mushroom house I  tend to go into flights of fancy.Making these is a joyful experience, the process, the materials, the dreaming and the stories they inspire. If they give pleasure and inspiration to someone else it is a rich reward for the many  hours it takes to complete.

Welcome your dreams. Explore and enjoy  the creativity they can unleash.

Small toadstool house handstitched from wool felt, with applique,embroidery and beading
Flight of Fancy
















































To market,To Market

A group of handmade vegetables form felt, zucchini,tomato carrot,beetroot and mushrooms, my own designs based on real vegetables.
Stew perhaps?

Felt + Food = Fun, Fascination, Frivolity and Fixation.

Once the urge to create felt food comes it takes on an obsessive compulsion.

A group of handmade vegetables form felt, zucchini,tomato carrot,beetroot and mushrooms, my own designs based on real vegetables.
Felt Food Collage

Why?  It has made me realise how little attention  we pay to the objects around us. It makes me observe more closely, look at all the tiny details and realise that too often we tend to glimpse and not really see. So I make and wonder and enjoy the entire process.

Happy New Year

Handstitched felt heart brooches wrapped in a ribbon that says love, a project my daughter and I shared.
Love is the answer

It is Day One of a new year that offers fresh beginnings, enthusiasm, hope, and an open heart.  May yours be such a year; a year of first days that inspire love and creativity.

Something that I shall be exploring more in this new  year is the creation of healing and spirit dolls.

My first handmade spirit doll created for a special friend on her birthday, the first stp taken to creating spirit dolls. this ones carries love and transformation in her essence, a wish for beauty and creativity.
Spirit Doll

For a long time this intent simmered with a folder of sketches compiled over two decades. It was a birthday and a little later a commission that motivated and finally led to taking that step from having too many ideas to fruition.

Healing dolls

This year there will be more explorations of this theme for, in creating a healing, spirit doll the making of it also becomes an act of healing .

Above all my wish for the year is that it is one of peace .

Peace banner, hung at Brisbane modern art gallery
PEACE is the WAY

Happy New Year!

Spring flowers

Showers have freshened the garden and all about there are splashes of colour and sweet perfumes. Spring has sprung! These magnets were made in winter and were inspired by thoughts of spring . They  now reflect well the outburst of blooms and colour.

Technical difficulties continue to be an impediment but these have become  a useful challenge, encouraging me to use what is at hand and to look at that with different perspectives.

A foxy thing.

The theme of the moment down under, or perhaps rather fad, appears to be Woodland and in particular foxes. Requests have triggered memories and delight of watching foxes in the U.K as well as the occasional glimpses over the years  in Australia.

Fox ,seen U.K 2013

At one time we lived on a farm in the Central West of N.S.W. Every morning a little fox would come sit by the chook pen, watching , yearning. It was impossible to feel anything but wonder for it was such a beautiful  animal. Its russet coat shone in the early morning sun and it seemed to be transposed into something shining and magical.

Our pet lamb used to guard and loved to hangout with our feathered family so this little fox was but on onlooker, dreaming of roast dinner perhaps. This  memory has inspired this new felt  piece which is mostly handstitched and has needlefelted embellishing on mane, tail tip and in the ears.

Small redfox,handmade with needlefelt mane,tila and muzzle enhancement.

With the fox now a popular theme in art and crafts it is hard to come up with something that is entirely unique such these corner bookmarks. Such a silly notion to think that my overlaying of a rust cutout  on white  was in any way a discovery – but it was my little play that yielded a foxy character with a practical purpose.

Corner bookmark handstitched from felt
A Little Red Fox

These little characters also came about, a mother red fox and her cub. they have  offered an opportunity to try to use my laptop camera for instant upload. Now that is a bit challenging!  especially to frame and focus and not have bits of self included.

Scale picture of mother fox with cub.
Scale picture of mother fox with cub.

For now need to be  off again to my workroom to explore further this foxy thing.