Wandering and Wondering

An early morning walk in the garden with a small companion led to a discovery.

A misty morning scene of tall trees,bush and a young wallaby
Early one Morning at Cedar Creek


The discovery of a tiny home. Imagination soared to giddy heights.


Two tiny hollows in a living tree that seems it could be the home of a fairy or small creature. there are laves inside forming a little carpet, such a delightful find and such an inspiration for the imaginatio to romp gleefully in realms of fantasy
A little home for?

And then a shaft of sunlight revealed another wonder.

Grass Tree, Cedar Creek
Grass Tree, Cedar Creek

Beauty all around revealing the  creativity of Mother Nature.

Black and white butterfly spreading her wings out in the early morning sun
Beauty in black and white

Dragon Dreaming

felt dragon breathing fire,an original handmade design
Fire Dragon

As this small dragon came into being it brought to mind various folk tales that are told  by many different cultures. Some traditions would have the dragons represented as creatures of evil, abhorred and reviled, whereas others, such as ancient China and Asia, regarded them as symbols of good fortune and power to be revered and respected.

Whatever the belief, it is evident that at some time in our history  huge reptilian creatures inspired the myths. Looking at representations of various depictions of dragons they seem to have a crocodile like face and snake or lizard body. Some renditions are given wings, and I wonder if these versions link back to tales of giant birds or even some connection to prehistoric creatures.

This connection seemed even more likely after vewing these carvings in Singapore at the remarkable Gardens by Bay.

Carved Crocodile,Gardens by the Bay,Singapore
Carved Crocodile,Gardens by the Bay,Singapore

There are so many tales and so many cultures that have spoken of dragons  these myths must be based on some very distant memories or inherited accounts of encounters with a large and terrifying reptile.

Dragonlike crocodile ,Siingapore
Dragonlike crocodile ,Siingapore

The belief in the existence of huge serpents in the beginning of time also runs in cultures, for instance The Dreaming Tales of Australian Aborigines that speak of the Rainbow Serpent who is said to have formed our land.  Huge pythons do still exist in rainforests.

Some rainforest snakes might appear to fly as they glide along branches and from tree to tree. Tree snakes on our property have  dropped out of branches from quite a height and  then slither off, so one might think from a distance that there was a flying serpent.

Over time perhaps various observations were melded, embellished and passed on  over generations so that  a dragon was born, somewhat like and “urban myth”which   has resulted in some  wonderful art and literature as well as inspiring creativity and imagination for centuries.

Recently we visited the Pavilion at Brighton in the U.K,  an opulent palace that featured many renditions of dragons and serpents in the Chinese inspired decor.
Photographs were not allowed but I did find a local Brighton dragon, painted on the carousel on the beach, that agreed to pose and as it wheeled past, giving the impression of flight.

Carousel Dragon.Brighton,U.K
Carousel Dragon.Brighton,U.K

A New Leaf

New Year resolve led to a mega blitz of my work area. On view here is an empty desk surface, but only momentarily bare as it will soon be covered again when creative juices flow.

My work area
Ready to go

The need to take a tally and de-clutter has been ongoing for a while but always left midstream when life presents other more important issues on which to focus time and effort. Discovered packed away were  far too many  projects that were long lost ideas.  Some with potential have been kept, but the rest have been passed on; as has a lot of fabric and other handcraft materials.

As a challenge to self the aim is to use what is on hand, to make up ideas that have simmered for too long and not  start on something new till the one begun is done. Although only early days managing to keep to this plan. Several new patterns have been created, tested and tweaked with a number of  items completed. However, the one that has delighted most resulted from a small scrap of hand dyed felt that was originally intended to become a treasure bird.

The scrap had two stripes, one  pink and the other a purple-blue. Not knowing exactly what to make but feeling the felt was too lovely to discard  I cut the stripes apart and wondered if it might possibly become a small  container.

The container turned into this after many hours of stitching and musing.

tiny hand stitched felt fairy house
Who lives here?
Diameter is 6mm (2 1/4in);height walls 4mm(1 3/4in)
The house placed next to a reel of thread to indicate size
This big.

Inside the house showing tiny furniture,bed,table,stools,mat and fireplace .There is also a wall cupboard ,mirror,lamp on the mantle and pictures.

This seems to be the best presentation that I can manage for now. Posting the pictures has been quite a challenge.The third one is of the interior of this little fairy house. Smoke is puffing out of the chimney so inside there had to be a fireplace. There is also tiny furniture- a bed, stools,  table and floor mat. On the wall is  a cupboard, a sequin mirror and  some pictures. All are made from felt and hand-stitched. Below side and back views.

side view of the pink, felt ,fairy house
Left side presenting

Back view of fairy house