Miniature vegetable garden handstitched form wool felt.
Miniature Vegetable Garden

As mentioned previously visits to permaculture gardens in Victoria have had a profound impact. A new project had me believing that this one had again been inspired by these visits. However, when it neared completion, this miniature vegetable garden begged to have a little rabbit.  It was then that I realised this small piece might actually  be a depiction of Mr. McGregor’s garden.

Indeed garden inspiration was at work, but  this time a visit in 2013 to artist and author Beatrix Potter’s home and village in Sowry, U.K.

Beatrix Potter's Vegetable Garden
Beatrix Potter’s Vegetable Garden

While looking for the photos to add to this post I discovered just how deeply the experience was embedded in memory. Here is the Crazy paved path at Beatrix Potter’s first farmhouse,

Crazy paved path,at Beatrix Potter's first farmhouse
Crazy paved path


bunnies frolicking in the field,


Rabbits in field at Beatrix potter's first farm


and no other that Mr.McGregor, with a new friend, sitting on a bench in the garden  of a village cottage.  Peter rabbit is there too- in the watering can.

Peter Rabbit tableau,Sowryk

The miniature felt garden was designed to be an educational toy. It has a pocket garden bed that will allow the vegetables planted there to be harvested and replanted. Because  these carrots, turnips and beets are so tiny they have been attached with a cord.

Detail of vegetables and path

In the bottom corner is another pocket, a burrow for a little rabbit.

Corner pocket with tiny rabbit
Bunny Corner

This garden can be hung on a wall as a picture as it has a rod pocket on the back.It also serves as a story prop and nature table accessory.

In creating such pieces my aim is  to share joyful experiences and the love for and wonder of nature.




Garden Inspirations

Hand stitched wool felt pincushion . A small round pumpkin patch surrounded by fl,oral border,inspired by gardens visited when in Victoria,Australia
Garden pincushion

The recent trip to Melbourne, as well as my own garden, has inspired a small piece, this pincushion which is a tiny pumpkin patch surrounded by a border of flowers. Mostly made from wool felt the pumpkin vine has tiny wire tendrils . Growing with the vine are some novelty flower pins. The larger flower pinhead is hand made from the felt, the other pins purchased.

On return I discovered that the pumpkin planted in a garden box in our under cover area had escaped. It had literally taken off over the sides of the plant box, raced along the ground and headed out the door.

Pumpkin that has grown furiously and now well away
Escaping !

Visiting St.Erth, a Diggers Club Garden, the herbaceous border, food forest and terracing had an impact.

St.Erth, Blackwood,Victoria.Australia
St.Erth, Blackwood,Victoria.Australia

Another significant influence was the Community garden at St.Kilda . A  fertile oasis  with a noble intent, and although opposite Luna Park and the trundling roller coaster, crowds and traffic it offered a haven.

Veg Out - St.Kilda comunity Garden,Melbourne.Australia
Veg Out – St. Kilda Community Garden,Melbourne.Australia

This garden was originally a bowling club that has been “re-purposed” , and  meanders around small plots, aviaries and a chicken pen as well as various buildings.

Garden plots, St.Kilda community Garden. Melbourne
Garden plots, St.Kilda community Garden. Melbourne

Interwoven throughout this magical and quirky space is art: painting, mosaics, sculpture that work with the garden to create an interesting and enriching environment.

Metal sculpture of a rose at entrance of St.Kilda Community Gardens
A Wrought Rose at ST.Kilda

The other garden that has inspired  is this tiny community garden begun last year in a bluestone laneway. Already it is attracting birds,insects and lizards .

At the beginning, new community garden, Melbourne
At the beginning

Small beginnings have such potential for growth and magnificence. This is the garden that my daughter has initiated so it is one held dear and with much love and pride.


signs to start a community garden,Melbourne

A New Leaf

New Year resolve led to a mega blitz of my work area. On view here is an empty desk surface, but only momentarily bare as it will soon be covered again when creative juices flow.

My work area
Ready to go

The need to take a tally and de-clutter has been ongoing for a while but always left midstream when life presents other more important issues on which to focus time and effort. Discovered packed away were  far too many  projects that were long lost ideas.  Some with potential have been kept, but the rest have been passed on; as has a lot of fabric and other handcraft materials.

As a challenge to self the aim is to use what is on hand, to make up ideas that have simmered for too long and not  start on something new till the one begun is done. Although only early days managing to keep to this plan. Several new patterns have been created, tested and tweaked with a number of  items completed. However, the one that has delighted most resulted from a small scrap of hand dyed felt that was originally intended to become a treasure bird.

The scrap had two stripes, one  pink and the other a purple-blue. Not knowing exactly what to make but feeling the felt was too lovely to discard  I cut the stripes apart and wondered if it might possibly become a small  container.

The container turned into this after many hours of stitching and musing.

tiny hand stitched felt fairy house
Who lives here?
Diameter is 6mm (2 1/4in);height walls 4mm(1 3/4in)
The house placed next to a reel of thread to indicate size
This big.

Inside the house showing tiny furniture,bed,table,stools,mat and fireplace .There is also a wall cupboard ,mirror,lamp on the mantle and pictures.

This seems to be the best presentation that I can manage for now. Posting the pictures has been quite a challenge.The third one is of the interior of this little fairy house. Smoke is puffing out of the chimney so inside there had to be a fireplace. There is also tiny furniture- a bed, stools,  table and floor mat. On the wall is  a cupboard, a sequin mirror and  some pictures. All are made from felt and hand-stitched. Below side and back views.

side view of the pink, felt ,fairy house
Left side presenting

Back view of fairy house