Row of blossom trees in full bloom at Melbourne, 2015
A Melbourne Spring,Edinburgh Park.

Spring is in full glory  once more in our Southern hemisphere. Blossoming is at its peak. All around colours and scents are rich and delightful. There is a sense of focused busyness as nature tries to ensure the future.


At work

Spring inspires. Below is  an embroidery on wool felt that was stitched last year.This project drew inspiration from the blossoms in the top picture and also tried to connect to older symbols of Easter eggs,babies and blossoms for new life and new hope.

Hand stitched on felt

Above all Spring is an experience of joyful beauty




washed ashore,shells,sand,sticks and stones. Sea treasures.

It was Albert Einstein who said “Look deep into nature then you will understand everything better”. He understood that relativity was not just the application of mathematics but a much deeper perspective that needed observation,imagination and creativity , that element of wonder that creates a greater awareness and understanding of the universe .

This  picture of the seashore  seems to encapsulate the story of creation. Minute particles merging to create new  forms,larger structures breaking down into minute particles; the timeless cycle of growth,decay and transformation that is the very essence of nature,life,evolution.

It is time to go outside, to observe and to meditate.



Nature never fails to inspire.

Blooming aloe vera

A recent project was to create  a tiny lantern child, a project for our craft group.Her outfit seemed to come together without forethought .

A small wood and wire doll dressed in red,orange and yellow, carrying a felt lantern.
Carrying the flame

Once complete came the realisation that  her colours not only match the glow of her lantern but also reflects colours that are presently in nature.

Red,gold and orange  are present in turning leaves, aloe flowers and red hot poker lilies, glow and warm the soul, a reminder that soon the landscape will be wrapped in winters grey mantle.

Red Hot Poker Lily
Red Hot Poker Lily

Autumn seemed to have forgotten to visit this year. It has been unsettling. The ongoing heatwave has made it harder to work. Heart and mind  have yearned for cooler mornings,mists and coloured leaves.

Coloured leaves
Autumn glory

However, in the past few days, rain has come  and as if by magic the expanse of barren dust surrounding us has been transformed into a lush, green carpet. Fungi is making an appearance as well revealing that life is returning to the parched soil.

A white mushroom that has pushed up through leaf litter.
Breaking through

This morning Mother Nature announced that Autumn is on the way. An early walk in the garden led to this discovery, a perfectly beautiful crocus whose appearance heralds that change of season is on the way.

White crocus flower

This tiny crocus is brave and resilient; it has surfaced in spite of a severe summer serving as a reminder of what should be and what can be lost forever if we do not connect and care better for our planet.


Making a Statement.

Closeup picture of flowers on poinciana tree that glows in our garden in the summer

Every summer the garden glows.

This tree is not a native but it thrives in our area, and gives the gift of beauty. As the season warms up the glow of this tree enhances and dazzles. The richness of red, the pattern of the petals, the contrast of the flowers to dry bush landscape around is a living work of art. It warms the imagination and inspires.

Textures : Poinciana petal and stone
Textures : Poinciana petal and stone

A local red is the flame tree which offers pure wonder when it is in full bloom. It hosts  a multitude of insects and birds who revel in its flowering. Whilde in bloom during spring and early summer it dazzles and makes an exuberant presence in the bush.

flame tree in full bloom
Flame tree

When the flowers disappear the green foliage blends into the landscape. Their strong presence, when garbed in red, has softened. It seems that, once they have made their statement, they wait patiently nurturing the seeds of creativity, the offspring of this strong statement of beauty and presence.


Pied Friends

Young Butcher bird fascinated by hole in shadecloth

Some years ago two butcher birds introduced themselves. They  watch our every move, love to help in the garden  and pop by daily for chats. They have  introduced several generations of their offspring to us. All have definite personalities. The one above we called Charlie.

Charlie loved a  hole  in the shade cloth and would peer through, play around it and at times fly through. Charlie was cheeky, enthusiastic and also the chaser who called alert and loved to harass the ravens and friar birds.

Sadly Charlie has disappeared, we hope to raise a family somewhere safe. We miss his antics and his company. There is another juvenile currently taking his place,however, as its feathers are now darkening  the time is near to setting out in search for a partner.


This week there was a great kerfuffle in the bush behind the house. The butcher birds have a nest and all indications are that the young have hatched. Since this ruckus our first butcher bird friend has not visited. Lately two have come with wounds. Predators seem fiercer and more prevalent this year so we are fearing the worst, saddened too, by the harsh reality of nature but  even more grateful for the opportunity to have been befriended by and to be able to observe the life around us

In the Garden

Wallaby,relaxed and at ease in sitting position in our garden

Always amazed, thankful and delighted  to have wildlife visit. It is such a privilege that they feel safe and relaxed in our garden.

Sadly the numbers of wallabies who come now are much depleted as, over the years,  many have become statistics of road kill.

Currently we have only one regular, a young female and her first joey. Her joey  is still tiny but so curious and itching to leave the pouch and explore the world. When the joey first leaves the pouch, after inital hesitation and staying very close to mum, they try their legs almost becoming airborn as they tear around the lawn in ever widening circles so full of joy in discovering their newfound freedom. To us a poignant reminder of how precious and wonderful life is.

Rain Drops

Whorls made by falling rain in a puddle on the paving
Rain Patterns

It is a while now since it has significantly rained on our place, a while, too, since being able to upload photos to the computer which means having to use what is available. Today I found this picture which is pertinent .

Just back from a trip to  Melbourne, where it is green and blooming, has made the dry,dusty, brown around the house all the more evident. There are a few clouds about, and a smell of rain so here’s hoping that nature will soon rejoice and be replenished .The weather forecast predicts nothing more that a maybe light shower but there is always that chance that rain will be torrential. In such a dry country as Australia any rain is a gift to be cherished .

Sowing Seeds of Delight

Collage of flowers ,lemon blossoms,sun flower and blue salvia.
The earth laughs in flowers, so it is said.

A day in the garden, planting, is very soul restorative. Today was such a day; a day full of anticipation and amazement.

Joining up to Instagram recently has been another high point. This has been a way to learn, observe more astutely and to connect.

Instagram has fed my passion for photography, nature and fine detail. Using this medium enables me to record beauty and to share it . It has enabled me to learn new skills, as well as to refine old ones. It has also given me a focus and a daily rhythm, but most importantly it has become a daily meditation with nature. More significantly gardening and photography have encouraged me to look more closely within and without.

Gardening is calming and healing, always a guide and teacher.

Bee in clump of purple flowers

Today the bees and birds were in full chorus. Soft perfumes of wattle and blossoms drifted in the air. The smell of the soil and of the hay mulch intermingled. This blending of scents is one of life and growth and promise,a reminder that it is from earth we came and to earth we return.

Pom Pom

Closeup of a flower of Caliandra, the pom pom tree
Caliandra, the pom pom tree

Nature makes pom poms too.

Perhaps flowers like these inspired our ancestors to experiment and create their own. I wonder.

When crafting  the sky has no limits for the clever ideas that turn pompoms into characters, fruits and decorations. TodayI have been musing on this notion, and once again reminded how nature is our greatest teacher and inspiration.