digital owl sketch

Sometimes an owl just needs to say hello.Lately the owls have been around adding another dimension to the night.

This one was sketched using the computer programme Paint and the touch pad. The result surprised me  as I have not played on the computer for a time, also enabling me to update the blog as there are still issues with uploading new photos .

For now sketching has to be put aside as this is a busy time for crafting with felt.


Woodland Wander

Detail of owl from a needlecase. Stitched in wool felt with small black button pupils.

Recently I have been asked to create some woodland pieces for a shop in Canberra.This request  has resulted in these projects;  a revisiting and reworking of an owl design for a needlebook, and some new fox items,  a needlebook

Woodland scene with sleeping fox,handstitched on wool felt. The tree has been wet and dry felted to the background as well as stiched.
A Little nap

and an even tinier fox who found shelter in a cave in this terrarium. As an indicator of size the butterfly that is hovering over the cave is less than a quarter of and inch.

Miniature woodland scene placed into small glass jar. A tiny  fox  is asleep in a tiny cave. this piece is sculpted from wool and felt, embellished with embroidery and applique
A Little Sleep- miniature scene in terrarium

These were absorbing, time consuming and at times challenging but always a learning and remembering. Next is a revisiting of fungi and who knows what else might pop up.

Seeking Wisdom


Tiny scene with owl perched on a stump.embroidered and beaded details.

Some time has passed since owls figured in projects. It seemed a little overdue to make an owl and reflect on what message the owl has to share.

This one seems to be thinking or waiting, pondering on the deep and endless puzzle of the “meaning of life”. Or perhaps just hoping a fat little mouse will scuttle past. Whatever  it is, this bird is still and quiet, observing and waiting.

Although a tiny piece, the grassy circle measuring 8 cm,  it was hugely satisfying and enjoyable  to make. While making this miniature scene the short poem that reflects on the owl as a keeper of wisdom   played in the mind.

“The more he saw the less he spoke,

the less he spoke the more he heard,

the wise old owl is a wise old bird.”

Who wrote this I do not know, it seems to be an old rhyme, a children’s rhyme with a deeper layer  that reminds us to look deep within and heed our inner wisdom. Like the owl to be still, silent and observant, at peace and one with nature.