Rock Pool

Closeup of a rock pool nature mat that incorporates needleft rocks,real shells and embroidered details such as seaweed,starfish and a fish skeleton..
Sea treasures

Once again the allure of the sea has inspired a nature mat.This was a work in progress as the weather changed and wild seas battered the coast.This mat depicts a more serene aspect of the sea, a calm rock pool that invites imaginative play and story telling.

After the wildness of the weekend  a rosy sunset glowed on a sea that was tame again.

Sunset at Burleigh Beach,Queensland
Sunset at Burleigh Beach,Queensland

A Dreaming Place

Wool felt,handstitched felt seashore  depiction showing cave,rocks,tiny fish in the sea and a small crab
By the Sea

How many of us have dreamed about a little cave? A  sheltering cave to retreat to and live a simple life, removed from the rat race where we can live harmoniously and sustainably with nature. Perhaps just a place to sit and be, to meditate on the rise and fall of the sea and watch the activity on the shore.

My childhood was coloured by the adventures of  Robinson Crusoe,  Gulliver”s travels, and the Swiss Family Robinson. Classic books that set the imagination into realms of wonder and curiosity. How would it be to live on an island far away? was an idea that  was often pondered upon.

When life gets too frantic or too fearful as climate change  engulfs our planet are we still able to dream that somewhere there is a shore with a snug little cave? Could it be that somewhere there is  a place untouched, unspoiled, pristine where peace and tranquillity are on offer that has not been targeted as tourist havens or for prime real estate development?  or even more tragically earmarked to become sites for ugly and polluting enterprises, however, we can still hope.

As well there are those dreams of adventure and fantasy. The cave that holds secrets such as a pirate hoard, or a place where the mermaids linger, or smugglers use ( think Famous Five) or…….?

A close up of the cave interior

This was all that came up in this little scape, and to keep in the theme of pictures to inspire imagination, this is offered to trigger creative ideas and imaginative play.  It is a composite of many walks along various seashores, and of many dreams.

Cave from behind ,revealing its rock shell and looking out to a clear aqua ocean
The Ocean Blue