Row of blossom trees in full bloom at Melbourne, 2015
A Melbourne Spring,Edinburgh Park.

Spring is in full glory  once more in our Southern hemisphere. Blossoming is at its peak. All around colours and scents are rich and delightful. There is a sense of focused busyness as nature tries to ensure the future.


At work

Spring inspires. Below is  an embroidery on wool felt that was stitched last year.This project drew inspiration from the blossoms in the top picture and also tried to connect to older symbols of Easter eggs,babies and blossoms for new life and new hope.

Hand stitched on felt

Above all Spring is an experience of joyful beauty



Another Spring has Sprung

Jasmine Buds

There is no mistaking that Spring has come . Buds and blossoms, birds and bees are  in abundance.The air is sweetly perfumed .

Bee on red pompom flower
Busy Bee

The hum of bees is evident as soon as you step outdoors, so much so the air seems to be vibrating.

Branch of magenta bouganvillea

The garden is in full bloom.

The workroom  has also been in creative mode.  Spring has had an impact . Little mushroom homes for mice are on the agenda this week and they all have needed bright,lush garden borders .Small woodland creatures have also appeared from felt and wool roving .

However, the computer is still being grumpy and will not accept new photos so I must leave these images to your imagination, or perhaps  a browse on some older posts.



Spring flowers

Showers have freshened the garden and all about there are splashes of colour and sweet perfumes. Spring has sprung! These magnets were made in winter and were inspired by thoughts of spring . They  now reflect well the outburst of blooms and colour.

Technical difficulties continue to be an impediment but these have become  a useful challenge, encouraging me to use what is at hand and to look at that with different perspectives.

Spring is Sprung

Spring showers -a shopping centre installation Melbourne 2013
Spring showers -a shopping centre installation Melbourne 2013

We have been through a very dry period; five months without significant rain. This week heavy rain has been forecast but on our patch it seems to elude. Some rain has fallen, and that has been wonderful, so that there is a faint greening in the dust out front and the tanks are filled. Even more exciting is to see that winter bare is

Bare branches against a clear blue sky,winter bare.
Winter Bare


being replaced by the kiss of Spring


first peach blossoms


and the promise of new life .


Opening buds last spring.


This is a day of gratitude .


A Persephone Perspective

It has been quite some time since I picked up a paintbrush, so  to feel the urge and need has been overdue, yet,  it crept up so unexpectedly and was quite a surprise.  Even more so surprised by the figure that emerged .

I wondered  at first thinking it too “flim flam” and about  to scrap it when I became aware that she was not only serene but holding in that serenity great power.

Someone in total balance and in that complete peace.

Another perspective of Persphone perhaps?

It took a couple of days to get that  aha! I understand moment. This led me today to revisit an earlier  post about Persephone https://fruitsofheart.wordpress.com/persephone-sacred-women-series/ to find myself again awed by the power of the myth and the lessons offered.

Above all it is Her season . A time to be conscious of renewal, growth , joy and hope. This is Her mantra.  Her  message is for us to live joyfully,consciously and compassionately.

portrait of a meditative woman using watercolour and acrylic paint, pencil,tissue paper
Power of Persephone

P.S Just noticed – Her strands of hair are like DNA.